Hot August Night III 2LP Black Vinyl

Hot August Night Ill chronicles Diamond's triumphant return to the legendary Greek Theatre in Los Angeles in August 2012. The magical evening was Diamond's 40th anniversary celebration of the original multiplatinum-selling Hot August Night collection that was recorded at the very same venue in 1972. Following the 2012 shows at The Greek, Billboard Magazine said of Diamond's performance, "His voice remains powerful and accurate; he reaches towards the baritone register for emphasis, just as he did in the 70's. …he never falters in delivering every line with conviction." From the fine acoustic twang of "Forever in Blue Jeans" to the pure Americana swing of "Kentucky Woman" to the eternal sing-along sunshine of "Sweet Caroline" to the raw emotionality of "I Am…I Said" to the welcoming arms of "America."

Hot August Night Ill cements Diamond's mastery of the live stage and his unique connection with audiences the world over. This is the first time that Hot August Night Ill will be available on vinyl and will be available as a Black 2LP.

Side A
1. Overture
2. Soolaimon
3. Beautiful Noise
4. Forever In Blue Jeans
5. Play Me
6. Red Red Wine
Side B
1. You Got To Me
2. Cherry Cherry
3. Kentucky Woman
4. Solitary Man
5. Cracklin' Rosie
Side C
1. I'm A Believer
2. Holly Holy
3. Sweet Caroline
4. Sweet Caroline Reprise 1:49
Side D
1. I Am…I Said
2. America
3. Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show
4. I’ve Been This Way Before
5. Walk Off

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